SCADA / HMI Solutions

Software technology for Industry Digitalization and Industry 4.0

SCADA Technology

Innovative solutions for building powerful, open and flexible audit applications dedicated to Audit, Control and Data Collection software.

Industrial IoT

Connect remote devices and share information through simple and innovative platforms. Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT): the future is now.

Human Machine Interface [HMI]

ICC provides software solutions for powerful, open and hardware-independent HMI systems running on PC, scalable from Windows CE to embedded systems.

Energy Efficiency

Pro.Energy is a simple-to-use software for monitoring and optimizing energy efficiency, allowing companies to reduce their energy costs by analyzing and optimizing consumption.

Historian and Reporting

It offers historian and reporting products that can guarantee real-time access and communication with field devices, absolute reliability thanks to backup functions, and management of database archives available in the IT world.

Are you ready to work with Artificial Intelligence?

Edge AI
AI Makes Hardware Easy

Thanks to AI Edge, AI algorithms using data (sensor data or signals) created on field hardware are processed locally on a hardware device, thus reducing the process time.

Redefining Probability Boundaries

While artificial intelligence applications are gradually entering our daily lives in a different way, they are also starting to manage industrial processes.